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At Nusa Medica Clinic, the testimonials from those we've had the privilege to serve speak volumes. Our patients consistently highlight our compassionate care, timely response, and the expertise of our medical team.

With gratitude, they share their experiences, emphasizing the personalized attention they receive from our trained and registered doctors, nurses, and paramedics. The seamless communication in English and the assurance of being in capable hands during emergencies are recurrent themes in their stories.

Our commitment to excellence extends beyond medical care; it encompasses the entirety of our patients' journey with us. Read on to explore the genuine expressions of trust and satisfaction from those who have entrusted us with their well-being.

At Nusa Medica, our patients' voices guide and inspire us every day.


Philip SchmitzPhilip Schmitz
14:49 06 Jan 24
Very friendly staff and short waiting times 👍
Mark BoschMark Bosch
03:43 03 Jan 24
Had to come here to have my stitches checked and possibly removed. Received honest advice and then received good help. Very hygienic!
Rennie StienstraRennie Stienstra
11:29 27 Dec 23
Thank you!
bizard faustinebizard faustine
06:27 26 Dec 23
Good consultation, great doctor I recommend.
M. K.M. K.
11:27 24 Dec 23
Very nice and competent people, thanks for the help
00:29 21 Dec 23
Unexpected conditions can happen while you are traveling. I am glad I found Nusa Medical Clinic Penida. The medical staff and the doctor were professional, fast and very considerate. After a few days of my visit, they followed up concerned to know how I was feeling. Thank you so much.
Terri PallisierTerri Pallisier
15:02 12 Dec 23
The medical centre took great care with my sun who had heat stroke. They were so caring and considerate. 100% plus recommend. They even helped us back to our accommodation.
Bea TriceBea Trice
07:04 09 Dec 23
I had to visit the emergency center because of an ear infection, and the staff & doctor were very friendly, helpful and spoke very good English.I didn’t have a long waiting time, was thoroughly examined and I could get the medicine for my treatment right there.Even afterwards, the staff was reaching out to check if I was better, and they were answering questions.Hope you don’t have to go there ;-) but if you need to, don’t hesitate!
Martin SwiftMartin Swift
05:40 22 Nov 23
The Doctors and Nurses were amazing in this Clinic. I wasn’t waiting very long and was seen to immediately and waited around 10 mins to get my ear unblocked. Would recommend 10/10 to go to this Clinic if you’re on Nusa Penida Island.
Rapang TikupasangRapang Tikupasang
07:47 21 Nov 23
Been here, the staff are very friendly, especially the staff at the pharmacy. They provide excellent service at affordable prices. Highly recommended
David HolborowDavid Holborow
08:20 17 Jan 24
Really great clinic very professional and helpfull.
Bella NadyaBella Nadya
09:09 10 Jan 24
Came here after other clinic couldn't treat my boyfriend's wounds properly, they kept getting infected but this clinic saved him! All the wounds are healed after one day!
Samuel LeivoSamuel Leivo
06:37 07 Jan 24
I got high fewet and stomich cramps. The service and doctors were amazing. I stay the night, they took very good care of me.
Gita Prasetya AdigunaGita Prasetya Adiguna
17:28 06 Jan 24
Sarah ArchuletaSarah Archuleta
13:16 07 Dec 23
The team at this clinic was top notch. I had terrible food poisoning (Bali belly!) and they took GREAT care of me. I didn’t have to wait long until the nurse took me back and the doc saw me. They gave me a thorough plan as to what they suggested and got me an IV, the correct medications, and took samples to rule out parasites. They were super kind, professional, and detail oriented. Their attention was not rushed and they did everything to ensure my symptoms were taken care of. I was SO relieved coming out of this clinic—can’t thank them enough. 🙏
Ryen HammondRyen Hammond
05:36 11 Nov 23
My daughter and I arrived early Friday morning and was seen by an doctor immediately. She was diagnosed properly and prescribed medicine all within 20 minutes. After a day of rest, she is back to her normal self. So happy with the service we were given and at such an affordable price.
Jessica BreitlerJessica Breitler
04:13 30 Oct 23
I was very well looked after by the care team. They were very attentive and gentle with me. They kept me well informed and guided me through the rest of my treatment. They are always available and very helpful. Being a nurse, I was able to trust them and I found that hygiene was very much respected. Thank you again your care !!
Kye MurtKye Murt
10:46 02 Sep 23
6 days in villa bed with horrid virus. Chest infection and ear infection. Crying in pain and unable to breathe. Had no choice but to seek treatment and boy am I glad I got these guys. Professional is an understatement. I have never received such swift and relieving treatment from any doctor in Australia. After assessing all vitals and many questions I was straight on the IV and nebuliser and felt instantly better. Doctor/nurse team stayed and monitored me for about an hour and left me with well marked medications and followed up for several days after. Brilliant service I highly recommend if needed. Please do not be stingy on travel insurance. This experience would have put me out of pocket over $600 if not insured. It is what it is.
Marycris UgarteMarycris Ugarte
06:53 11 Aug 23
The atenttion is very good, the doctor and the staff Helped me to feel better soon. I had to stay there for a night and the staff was really nice. They were very caring, one of them even bought me some cookies :) The place is super clean and comfy. The next day they gave me a ride home and also check on me the following days. Thank you!✨❤️‍🩹
10:31 14 Jan 24
Excellent atention.The staff communicates perfectly in English, very helpful and attentive.Clearly, the costs are high, but health is priceless.In general it is a small clinic, but highly trained to deal with any emergency.
Sophie BeckerSophie Becker
04:10 14 Jan 24
Super nice and competent stuff! I didn't have to wait, everyone spoke perfectly english and was super helpful!
12:58 10 Jan 24
Jack CoopersmithJack Coopersmith
04:03 09 Jan 24
These folks are AMAZING! Great care, great people, they even messaged the day after to check in on us. We love nusa medica
Lee KerbeyLee Kerbey
00:35 04 Jan 24
Clean, helpful and professional. All you want from a health clinic. Perfect for a traveller.
Rosanna LoachRosanna Loach
04:14 05 Dec 23
Very reassuring compared to the local hospital, gave me antibiotics and clear information on how to protect my stitches. Answered all my questions and read my CT scan from the previous trip and reassured me. Quite expensive for equipment but they let you take it away with you so its cheaper on future visits. Overall very happy.
Maresha BrooksMaresha Brooks
09:13 20 Nov 23
An amazing medical centre for travellers. So clean and professional and no wait times. They have a pharmacy there too which is really convenient. Thanks so much for the great service. Has really made me feel better although being quite sick in Bali
Izzy EvansIzzy Evans
03:26 16 Nov 23
Visited with a blocked ear following unsuccessful treatment at another clinic in Bali. The service was very professional and efficient, I was seen by a doctor within minutes and the nurse and doctor were great. Both spoke amazing English and completed an ear irrigation which meant I can hear again! Front of house staff sent me the medical report and invoice for my insurance claim. Reasonable price for the treatment received!
Jacob LeightonJacob Leighton
00:49 25 Oct 23
Very helpful and friendly staff that speak fluent English. The clinic/ hospital itself is very clean and tidy. Both myself and my partner became ill and needed assistance to stop vomiting etc and were able to be seen to quickly and effectively. We are now both on the mend thanks to the excellent service received from Nusa Medical.
Bella EstrelaBella Estrela
11:04 13 Sep 23
Amazing clinic! My son had an earinfection and they had a camera to look inside the ear. They also have a pharmacy inside the clinic so we got all the medication needed in the same place. Everyone spoke perfect english and were very helpful!
Janeya BazJaneya Baz
11:29 16 Jan 24
Great service they arrived to my hotel fast and were very efficient and helpful. I can highly recommend.
Olivia BoeckOlivia Boeck
01:56 14 Jan 24
Very Nice doctor and nurse! They helped me with sunburn. Good prices. They check in with you afterwards Through your vacation😀
Andrea PradosAndrea Prados
09:55 13 Jan 24
Very professional and attentive team that helped me in a critical emergency situation. Great service and very friendly and helpful staff. Even after seeing me in their clinic, they asked or helped us with our requests. Good job guys!
Johanna ÖdénJohanna Ödén
16:39 07 Jan 24
I highly recommend Nusa Medica Clinic on Gili Air.Very professional and friendly staff that kept contact and checked up on me several days after I’ve visited the clinic.
Linnea KarlbergLinnea Karlberg
10:59 01 Jan 24
Beyond grateful for the fast and useful help when my partner got a severe sunburn that needed treatment. Excellent English communicators and highly knowledgeable staff. Thank you for the service! 🥰
Sofía GeaSofía Gea
01:49 04 Nov 23
I think I've never been so well taken care of in a clinic in my life! The doctor and nurse were super caring and professional.I recommend Nusa Medica Clinic Gili 100%: professionalism, kindness, cleanliness and modern equipment in one place!BIG BIG THANK YOU! 🙏🏽
Anna KAnna K
04:11 13 Oct 23
When my boyfriend had a fever and a few other symptoms, we went to the Nusa Medica clinic. Dr Lia and her Team helped very well and did every test to rule out malaria, dengue or salmonella infections. Throughout the test it came out, that he had a bacterial infection and was very dehydrated. Dr Lia and her team were very capable and were working on great medical standards, as we know them from clinics in Germany. They provided excellent care and service, Dr Lia explained the whole process, she explained all the medication and even talked us trough the process with our travel insurance, she followed up per WhatsApp even days later to see how his condition was. We felt very safe and good advised. We would recommend this clinic and the team to everyone who needs help on their holiday!
kelly tompsonkelly tompson
13:46 05 Oct 23
I wanted to express my heartfelt gratitude to the [Nusa medical clinic Gili] and team for the outstanding care I received during my visit. Not only did you provide fast service, but the quality of care was exceptional. The doctors and nurses were attentive, knowledgeable, and made me feel comfortable throughout the entire process. I couldn't have asked for a better experience. Thank you for your dedication to patient care. I highly recommend this clinic to anyone in need of medical attention.Thank you doctor Lia you are absolutely exceptional. Sara :)
Francesca PavisFrancesca Pavis
03:32 04 Oct 23
I came to this clinic specifically after reading the reviews and I cannot fault it.I was seen straight away, both the doctor and nurse were incredible, spoke great English and were very informative. The place was clean and professional.I had to have 2 IVs amongst other medication so I was there around 10 hours, in this time I was checked on and reassured a countless amount of times. Then once my results were back (after fast tracking them) they sat down and went through each one with me.They even whatsapped me in the days following to remind me about which medications to take and to check in. They also guided me through the insurance process once I was feeling better.I would take these lovely staff over private healthcare in the UK any day, thank you again Nusa Medica ❤️
Ann-Kristin PeterAnn-Kristin Peter
13:28 30 Aug 23
Me and my son both had to attend the clinic and I was so impressed. Both doctors were very professional, skilled and so efficient.They had me checked out straight away (blood pressure, blood oxygen levels, auscultation) and even had the specific medicine I usually use at home.They even offered to come to my hotel the next day and take my bloods there (with a return time of only 5 hours, even though it has to be shipped to Lombok!). When I had to take my son in , he was assessed, medication prescribed and out in less than 30 minutes. I am still amazed and felt really well taken care off. They checked up on us the next day, asked how we felt and if we needed anything. Highly recommend!

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